Exemple de moodboard pour un projet musical


Is the moodboard really the essential tool that allows us to quickly develop a creative project ?
If you want to save time before thinking about the creation of a graphic universe, read carefully our article on the moodboard… A surprise awaits you at the end so don’t wait any longer !

But what is a moodboard ? A moodboard is an inspiration board that allows you to synthesize in one page the main desires and creative ideas that you want to integrate into a project. It allows you to visualize your future artistic direction (audiovisual identity).

Thus, a moodboard highlights the colors, images / icons / illustrations, shapes, typography, textures … of your projects of all kinds (exhibitions, short or feature films, music albums, concerts, weddings, fashion shows …) you want to develop.

Now let’s find out the precise meaning of each of the elements of a moodboard to understand how to create them quickly.

I. The meaning of colors

Each color has its own specific meaning(s). Let’s start by discovering those of the three primary colors (blue, yellow and red), then let’s study some of the main secondary colors used in general in communication (green, orange and purple)…without forgetting black and white, which are not colors but remain essential shades!

1/ The symbolism of the 3 primary colors

  • blue : 

It is worth mentioning that blue is the most used color in advertisements all over the world. This is surely because it symbolizes truth. Moreover, this color also evokes the following values: purity, intelligence, confidence and security.

  • yellow

It is the color of the sun! And originally, this color embodies joy, warmth, light and energy… but these positive values have largely been transferred to gold. Yellow is now associated with power and success and can also have some negative connotations like lying and ego.

  • red : 

Red is used to promote passion and pleasure (example: color of chocolates on Valentine’s Day), but this color is also used to warn of danger and deal with a message related to violence.

2/ The symbolism of green, orange and purple

  • green :

When we say green, we mean nature, well-being and organic! Well, NOT only! Green is also the symbol of ambition, fortune and hope. It can also represent the growth of an economic activity or an entrepreneurial project.

  • orange :

Orange as in “orange” (the fruit), well NO! We are not going to make reference to food or greed! It is rather to associate this color with values such as creativity, luxury or communication.

  • purple :

This color is important in personal development because it embodies the awareness and power of intuition. It opens minds and can be associated with the idea of travel.

  1. The symbolism of black and white
  • black :

Black is chic!  It’s synonymous with luxury, elegance and high-end

  • white :

Let’s wave our white flags and spread a message of peace! White reassures because it represents purity and innocence, as well as wisdom and mourning (in some African and Asian regions).

And remember, according to Jacques Tati, “Too much color harms the viewer.”

II. The meaning of forms

The shapes, too, have symbolism:

rounded shapes = unity, alliance ;
semi-circles = meeting between knowledge (expertise) and lack of knowledge (need for advice) ;
diamond = symbol of exchange ;
straight line = simplicity, rigor and determination;
diagonal line = growth, progression, ascent, movement.

3/ The meaning of typography

It is difficult to say that a font represents a specific value. However, there are certain uses that can allow us to classify certain styles. For example, the use of italics, besides being added to a quoted text, can also symbolize an idea of acceleration, because the writing is turned to the right. And conversely, left leaning typefaces show a slowing down effect. Moreover, if you position your text obliquely and rising to the right, It can represent the idea of progress. The opposite is often synonymous with danger.

On the other hand, the texts inclined to the vertical shows the idea of height. 

Line spacing is also important, in general the further apart the letters are, the more elegant the font becomes. The combination of the letters creates an original and artistic effect.

As far as fat levels are concerned, you will find below a simple explanation:

  • Bold = large volume = importance of the message (ex: titles, instructions, promotions…)
    Light = rarity = elegant message (ex: slogans for luxury)

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