If you’re a bit bored with “classic” presentations, we’ve found a software that allows you to create “motion design” style videos with Powtoon.

In this article, we explain how to obtain in a few minutes a video that allows you to easily make storytelling with a professional rendering.

PowToon offers a tool to create your own animation videos and other
multimedia presentations. A real online animation studio, it benefits from a clear and ergonomic user interface.

Easy to use, it will allow you to instigate and have fun during your creations.

Telling stories

Try to tell a story with a beginning and an end. It is best to write a script with an outline including: a hook, a problem, a twist, a solution…

Simple text, positive sentences, arguments and above ALL EMOTION. Indeed, if your video provokes emotion in the viewer, he will be more sensitive to what you propose.

Choose a model

Once registered on the platform, you can start from a blank page, or choose to use one of the dozens of templates already ready to be used. This way you can customize them according to your desires.
A large choice of elements is available, from images to effects, from sound: music, voice recording…

Once finished, you can export it in MP4 format or share it directly on your
directly on your social networks.

Powtoon is free but some options require a monthly subscription to the platform. The site is in English but is still accessible to beginners.

You can consult our Powtoon creations on our Linkedin.

Link to Powtoon : https://www.powtoon.com

Have fun and dare to be different 🙂

Prescillia Nsimba – web editor

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